The worry of not being able to charge Electric cars

Electric cars are still too expensive and the worry of not being able to charge is great. These are the most common reasons why more people do not switch to electric cars today. We need to remove these aspects and we need to speed up the process. At the same time, a report is released that summarizes where we stand in the big electric car transition and provides support to all those who are considering a change.

In 2030, electric cars will take over and dominate our roads, according to a survey in which over 3,000 people were asked about their views on the electric car transition. It is later than many industry advocates claim and suggests that consumers may not be quite as ready to switch to electric power as some seem to believe.

Potential electric car customers tend to be homeowners. This means they plan to install some kind of charging at home. Both electric cars and charging infrastructure must be expanded. Even if several already do it, more house manufacturers need to establish electric car charging already in the preliminary work with the house design. Unfortunately, there is still a shortage of components to be able to deliver electric cars to the extent the market demands.

At the same time, there must be a large number of entrepreneurs out there who need to be informed that electric car charging is an important upcoming industry that will need trained charging station operators who understand the charge point software and the value of electrifying our vehicle fleets worldwide if we are to be able to reach the climate goals by 2030.

All the worries about not being able to charge your electric car plus the high purchase price of electric cars are also part of reaching the climate goals. Here, municipalities and states have a great responsibility, just like the car manufacturers.

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