The Ultimate Guide to Solar Energy: Panels, Subsidies, and Cells

"The Ultimate Guide to Solar Energy: Panels, Subsidies, and Cells"

Title: The Ultimate Guide to Solar Energy: Solar Panels, Subsidies, and Cells Introduction: Solar energy is one of the most popular sources of renewable energy. It is clean, sustainable, and can be used in various applications. In this article, we will discuss the basics of solar energy, including solar panels, solar subsidies, and solar cells. …

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Sustainable Transportation Systems: Low-Emission Vehicles, Clean & Intermodal Transportation

"Sustainable Transportation Systems: Low-Emission Vehicles, Clean & Intermodal Transportation"

Sustainable Transportation Systems: A Look at Low-Emission Vehicles, Clean Transportation, and Intermodal Transportation Transportation is a critical aspect of modern life. It allows us to move from one place to another, whether it’s for work, leisure, or other purposes. However, transportation is also one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, which are causing …

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Demystifying Fixed DC Fast Charging

DC Fast Charging

Demystifying Fixed DC Fast Charging – How It Powers Electric Vehicles With the rapid growth of electric vehicles (EVs), the availability and efficiency of charging infrastructure have become crucial factors for widespread adoption. Among the various charging options, DC fast charging stands out as a game-changer, enabling EV owners to power up their vehicles quickly …

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🔌 Electric Car Charging Market in 2023 – What’s Important? 🔌

Electric Car Charging Market

As the automotive industry continues to embrace sustainable solutions, electric vehicles (EVs) have gained significant traction in recent years. With their eco-friendly appeal, reduced emissions, and advancing technology, EVs are reshaping the transportation landscape. And at the heart of this revolution lies the electric car charging market, a vital infrastructure supporting the widespread adoption of …

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The worry of not being able to charge Electric cars

Electric Car at Home

Electric cars are still too expensive and the worry of not being able to charge is great. These are the most common reasons why more people do not switch to electric cars today. We need to remove these aspects and we need to speed up the process. At the same time, a report is released …

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The world’s fastest electric passenger vessel

Electric vessel

The fastest and most comfortable way to travel in the Bay Area? Nimble, flying, electric catamarans, according to tech company Candela, which will demonstrate its technology to the media in San Francisco during National Drive Electric week, September 29-30. While high-speed diesel catamarans can cut travel times, they are 10-15 times more expensive than buses or trains …

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Patent for TwinWind™ in the United States

TwinWind Wind Turbines

Hexicon strengthens its IP portfolio – granted patent for TwinWind™ in the United States The patent applies to Hexicon’s floating platform TwinWind™, a technology that optimizes energy production in a given sea area by mounting two wind turbines on one floating foundation. The company has now been granted a patent for the technology in the …

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Ghost fishing tines kill thousands of lobsters every year

Ghost fishing

The Swedish-founded animal and nature organization The Perfect World Foundation wants to put an end to the unnecessary extermination of marine stocks caused by ghost fishing gear. Together with H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco launched the organization’s new ocean project on 5 May 2022 in connection with the prince’s visit to Sweden. Ragnhild Jacobsson …

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Electrification is the fast way to reducing emissions

Electrification EV FLEET

Earlier in September, the Swedish Transport Agency called a consultation meeting on the conversion of cars to alternative fuels. It is a very good initiative to, in consultation with the various parties in the market, gather information about obstacles and opportunities for converting fossil-fueled cars to gas, ethanol and electricity. Unfortunately, we were able to …

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