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With 15 million members and 230 employees, Brooklyn-based Etsy is the king of the online craft marketplaces, but it's not the only game in town for those eager to offer their handmade wares to the virtual public. John Jacobs parlayed years of experience selling jewelry supplies on eBay into ArtFire, which connects buyers and sellers of handmade and vintage goods as well as digital arts and craft supplies. "I founded ArtFire because, as a seller myself, I never found a venue that understood its role was to serve its members," says Jacobs, whose site has 100,000 members and counting. And his Tucson, Arizona-based company isn't above a little snarky differentiation from its quirky chief rival. "There aren't a lot of people [on ArtFire] making purses out of birch trees and knit mustache cowls," chief operating officer Tony Ford told the Wall Street Journal.