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New York's Ed. Varie Gallery gets a jump start on Earth Day tomorrow evening with the opening of "Public Notice: A Green Patriot Poster Salon." The week-long series of events, workshops, and screenings includes the first exhibition dedicated solely to the Green Patriot Posters design campaign, which commissions sustainability-themed broadsides by the likes of Shepard Fairey, Michael Bierut and Geoff McFetridge. Can't make it to Gotham? Get in on the eco-friendly fun by picking up a copy of Green Patriot Posters (Metropolis), which includes 50 tear-out posters. "We did not want to make a monument or a historical record. We wanted to distribute the posters and give people an affordable way to own and display them," write Dmitri Siegel and Ed Morris in the introduction. "We want you to destroy this book."