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Inky Wallpaper


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Drip. Drop. Run. No, it's not a misguided fire safety strategy but the names given to a trio of new wallpaper patterns created by Abbott Miller, a partner at design firm Pentagram, for KnollTextiles. Printed on vinyl and backed with recycled polyester, the Ink collection was inspired by liquid movement. Starting with a single ink droplet, Miller created hundreds of studies that yielded drops, craggy organic forms, and loosely-formed letters. "Abbott has an incredible sense of pattern," says Dorothy Cosonas, creative director of KnollTextiles. "He is able to take the world of graphic design and translate it into wallcoverings that are at once bold, modern, and timeless." The hardest part is choosing among the appealingly named colors, which range from fruity (blueberry, raisin) to ethereal (vapor, smoke).